IFACCA reports on the recent Researchers’ Meeting

13 November 2014, Germany

IFACCA is the delighted to release the executive summary report of the 4th IFACCA Researchers' meeting, held in Hildesheim Germany, which was attended by 14 researchers and experts from the field from 13 IFACCA member countries.

IFACCA Researcher’s meetings serve as the critical platform for knowledge exchange in the field of research, analysis and data gathering.  They provide insight into new trends and highlight key areas of interest and development for national arts councils and ministries of culture that are part of the IFACCA’s international membership. Previous meetings have been held in 2004 (Montréal, Canada), 2007 (Singapore) and 2011 (Helsinki). The objectives of the meeting was to share information on current research priorities, projects and methods; discuss the role of arts policy research and its connection to cultural policies and provide feedback on IFACCA’s research activities and upcoming research projects. 

In Hildesheim, in depth discussions and presentations evolved around various topics, including the impact of restructuring in the agencies; measuring the public and intrinsic value of the arts and culture; scoring and peer assessment systems; economic impact; developing an arts index; the relationship between research and policy; evaluation, statistics and indicators.

The executive summary report on the meeting is available here [link]. A full report has been sent to all participants.