Art, Culture Most Universal Iranian Elements: Minister

Iran Front Page,
27 August 2017, Iran

Iran’s new culture minister says the country’s artworks and cultural products are the most well-known Iranian elements across the globe. Speaking in his induction ceremony on Saturday, Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyyed Abbas Salehi weighed in on the status of the Iranian culture and art in the world.
“The Iranian art can make Iran more brilliant. None of our products is more universal than [our] culture and art. [For example] considerable investment has been made in Iran’s car industry for several decades, but how famous are we for this (cars)?” “Today, we are known in the world for our cinema, our Oscars, our tableaus and our music; the Iranian art is dynamic. If we want guaranteed security and politics, we shouldn’t base them on oil and natural gas only; of course, these are important, but we shouldn’t take culture for granted,” he said.