New National Member: State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia

IFACCA - International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies,
13 September 2023, International

We are very pleased to welcome the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia as a new National Member of the Federation.

The Foundation, a public institution, has been financing culture projects and initiatives since 1998. Its purpose is the promotion of balanced development of creativity in all sectors of culture and art as well as the preservation of cultural heritage in Latvia, in accordance with national cultural policy guidelines.

The Foundation has the following objectives:

  • to attract, accumulate, administer and allocate resources for the implementation of cultural projects and lifetime grants to outstanding individuals working in the field of culture and the arts,
  • to announce and organise open calls for project proposals for the receipt of financing, and,
  • to purposefully and efficiently manage public funds allocated by ensuring control over their use.


Through regular open calls as well as special programmes, the Foundation financially supports projects which:

  • promote the process of cultural renewal and artistic creativity and foster the diversity thereof.
  • promote the creative and research projects of natural and legal persons in the field of culture.
  • foster the acquisition of education and professional skill development.
  • promote the development of international relations and the popularisation of the culture and art of Latvia in the world.
  • foster the preservation and dissemination of cultural values and the availability thereof to the public.
  • foster the development of traditional culture.


The activities of the Foundation are managed by the Council, which is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia. The Council, as the Foundation’s highest administrative body, makes decisions concerning all institutional activities and decides on the approval of all project funding that is advised by various sectoral expert commissions in the fields of literature, music, performing arts, film, visual arts, cultural heritage, traditional culture, design and architecture as well as one focusing on multi-disciplinary projects. Each commission consists of seven experts from the relevant cultural discipline. The executive body of the Foundation is led by the Director who ensures the activities of the Foundation fulfil the guidelines of the Council.