Creating Futures: Art and AI for Tomorrow's Narratives - May 6 - May 10, 2024

Salzburg Global Seminar,
09 February 2024, Austria

Creating Futures is a program focusing on the role of creativity, art and emerging technologies in challenging entrenched narratives and imagining more just and equitable futures.

This program will explore the emergent possibilities at the intersection of creative expression, technology, and artificial intelligence. It will also delve into the socio-technical terrain of our present, exploring the encoded biases of AI systems that magnify structural inequities and histories of erasure. It will provide a global platform for artists who are working to intervene in these narratives, critically exploring alternative possibilities, and coding alternative futures.

This program recognizes the power of art not just as a reflection of society but as an influential force capable of reshaping narratives and questioning the status quo. By embracing no singular "future" but a multitude of possibilities, this program highlights the transformative power of art in shaping the imagination and building true, lasting social change, offering a platform for diverse voices to redefine our collective future.

This program is by invitation only. If you feel a strong alignment with this year's topic and feel you could contribute, please register your interest via this form.