Arts Council Malta renews collaboration with Malta Council for Science & Technology

Arts Council Malta,
16 February 2024, Malta

Arts Council Malta is pleased to announce the renewal of an MOU with the Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST). This collaboration aims to encourage interdisciplinarity between the arts and science while increasing cross-sectoral participation in culture and science subjects and raising the profile of these disciplines within formal and informal education, and the cultural and creative sector.

The MOU, which has been extended for a further three years, specifically targets the area of arts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects while underlining their complementary nature. The collaboration will continue to build upon the current relationship as the two entities work together to identify STEAM initiatives while cultivating a culture of scientific curiosity and creativity while promoting partnerships that lead to artistic activity even within contexts from outside the cultural and creative sectors as outlined by the national cultural strategy, Strategy 2025.

ACM Director of Funding & Strategy MaryAnn Cauchi stated: “This collaboration aligns with the guiding principles of Strategy 2025, whereby ACM facilitates links across sectors while promoting diverse and atypical modes of creative and cultural practices. We are thus strengthening our investment towards measures that support forms of mentorship, research and innovation that strengthen the prospects of Malta’s creative ecology.

“The initiatives that will be made possible through this MOU will have a strong educational purpose and highlight the value of STEAM subjects. Prioritising education is another key principle within the country’s cultural strategy, whereby ACM prioritises the opening of new opportunities within the cultural and creative sectors by facilitating stronger collaborations between educational institutions and cultural organisations and practitioners. The creative industries and the STEAM sectors are equally important in driving the global economy and well-being, and both thrive on innovation. Thus, the renewal of this agreement signals our commitment to continue implementing the national cultural policy.”

Esplora Senior Director, Mr. Olaf McKay said that "Through the renewal of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Malta Council for Science and Technology and the Arts Council, the two parties will continue to work hand in hand to identify common areas particularly in the field of research and innovation where art can be integrated with science and technology." He emphasized that “the aim of this agreement is to encourage innovation and the promotion of projects that integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)” fostering the development of future innovators.

The MOU will see ACM making an annual investment with the aim of supporting, collaborating on and promoting initiatives and projects by the Malta Council for Science and Technology that are related to arts or creativity in its wider application.  The agreement will see ACM facilitating the collaboration between artists and creative practitioners with individuals and organisations within the STEAM fields of knowledge, with the MCST providing mentorship and assistance to such artists while providing their premises to such projects.

ACM will also be contributing to the biennial STEAM Awards by nominating and participating in the Evaluation Panel of the STEAM Project Award.

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