Ministry of Culture launches the "Indigenous Peoples" module in the Cultural Information System

Secretaría de Cultura ,
08 October 2013, El Salvador

The Secretary of Culture together with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, AECID,  launched  the "Indigenous Peoples'  module in the Cultural Information System SIC on 8 October at the National Museum of Anthropology.

The module presentation was carried out by the Director of International Relations and Cooperation, Alejo Campos, and the National Director of Indigenous Peoples, Gustavo Pineda.

"In this module we will be able to observe the location of the 64 municipalities with Indigenous communities, indigenous organizations, traditional art, documents that include human rights reports and 30 lessons of Nahuat for those wanting to learn," said Pineda.
Campos for his part said the SIC " is a strong tool within the Secretariat of Culture in order to produce valid information " that  will serve as an input to the decision-making for public policy for all sectors of the society.”

Attending the presentation were development agents,  graduate students and special guests who included don Rosalío Ama Pinte, resident of Izalco , who is nephew of the late Indigenous leader Feliciano Ama , murdered in 1932 by Maximiliano Hernández Martínez regime .

Don Rosalio expressed his satisfaction that the current government takes into account the Indigenous people. " We have been discriminated,  we have no recognition , previous presidents have gone to tell United Nations there are no Indigenous people in El Salvador, we do not appear in the Constitution" , Paint Ama said , who also said he is proud because his birth certificate of 4 September 1938 identifies him as an “Indigenous man.”
The module on Indigenous Peoples was created due to the importance of the Indigenous population in the Salvadoran society and their contribution to the different cultural expressions .

The SIC is a web site , created to facilitate public access to information resources , events and cultural expressions of the country, which can be entered through : .

The SIC was launched on 2July, 2013 with the motto : " Information that produces culture " , with five modules: Heritage, Culture Houses, Directory of Artists, Choirs and Orchestras , and Cultural Agenda .