Ms Nguyen Phuong Hoa (Viet Nam) joins the IFACCA Board

IFACCA - International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies,
09 October 2019, International

We are very pleased to welcome Ms Nguyen Phuong Hoa, Director General, International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Viet Nam as a member of the IFACCA Board. 

Ms Nguyen Phuong Hoa has been working at the Ministry of Culture of Viet Nam for more than 15 years. She is one of the main authors of Vietnam's National Strategy on International Cultural Relations and has been actively involved in organising numerous Vietnamese cultural days abroad as well as hosting a number of international art festivals in Viet Nam. She is the national contact point for 2005 UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of Diversity of Cultural Expressions and has strongly supported and advocated for the National Strategy for the development of Vietnamese Cultural Industries until 2020, vision 2030. She has extensive experience in leading her team to implement cultural cooperation agreements with several countries. She also took part in the copyright negotiation for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).

She is currently Commissioner General of Viet Nam Section in Expo 2020 Dubai and also serves as Vice President of Viet Nam's Association of Film Promotion and Development. Nguyen Phuong Hoa holds a BA in International Relations (Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam) and a MA in Cultural Policy and Arts Administration from Goldsmiths, University of London, the United Kingdom.

Ms Nguyen Phuong Hoa was appointed at the 53rd meeting of the IFACCA Board and fills a casual vacancy.