The African Indigenous Knowledge Systems Summit

Co-hosted by Arterial Network,
10 March 2010, Botswana

This summit seeks to cover the following topical issues:

•The role of regional bodies (SADC, NEPAD, AFRICAN RENAISSANCE INSTITUTE) in promoting IK and its innovative models.
•Challenges of integrating IK with other knowledge systems.
•Is the SADC region ready for National IK Systems given the current political, social and economic situation?
•Promoting and protecting African minority languages in Southern Africa.
•How far will the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) protect the use and abuse, access and regulation of IK regionally?
•School Curriculum challenges in the SADC: How far are we and what has been achieved so far?
•Women, IKS and the Millennium Development Goals.
•Intellectual property protection for IKS in the SADC.

For more information contact Charity Bunhu Tel 27 11 781 9131, Fax 27 11 781 8817
Email: [email protected]