Hearing by the Committee on Tourism, Culture, Services and Handicrafts in Parliament of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Tunisia,
10 November 2023, Tunisia

In her speech, the Minister presented during this session the various points of the strategic directions program of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, which is based on the importance of supporting cultural and creative industries as a lever for comprehensive development, dedicating a more developed and attractive infrastructure and cultural facility that balances between the regions, in addition to achieving a more effective disposal of heritage in preservation, preservation, valorization and promotion by continuing studies on the creation of important projects such as the project of the International Center for Calligraphy Arts "Iqraa" and the Regional Center for Underwater Heritage in Mahdia, and working on the registration of New elements of cultural heritage on the World Heritage Lists, as well as the implementation of the programme of mechanisms for cultural and tourism crises related to monuments of a historic nature in partnership between the public and private sectors.