9th World Summit on Arts and Culture

Co-hosted by IFACCA - International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies,
03 May 2023, Sweden


The 9th World Summit on Arts and Culture, co-hosted by the Swedish Arts Council and IFACCA, is scheduled to take place in Stockholm, Sweden from 3 - 5 May 2023. The Summit will bring together leading policy makers, researchers, managers and practitioners from the arts, culture and related sectors from around the world to explore artistic freedom as a fundamental pillar of cultural policy and examine how we can – and why we should – safeguard artistic freedom.

You can learn more about the 9th World Summit by visiting the Summit web site, which provides further information on the Summit registrations as well as the programme and the participants.


A Discussion Paper is developed, published and shared online prior to each World Summit to introduce participants, prospective delegates and the broader international community to the Summit programme theme and key concepts and issues.

This 9th edition of the World Summit Discussion Paper sparks initial thinking around some of the complex issues surrounding artistic freedom to be explored in the programme in 2023, and the ways in which we might respond. The publication intends to situate our conversations about artistic freedom in the wider global context, as well as the more local context in which we will meet; and offer diverse personal and contextual accounts of artistic freedom, with a view to identifying challenges in and opportunities for its safeguarding.

It brings together eight cultural experts from different world regions who have contributed essays, drawing from their professional journeys and lived experiences as artists, activists, collectives, curators, educators, researchers and policymakers.


Read the Discussion Paper 


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